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City Address            :         Cortes Compd., Centro,Mandaue City

Provincial Address             :         None

Age                                 :         43 years old

Date of Birth                    :         July 20, 1966

Place of Birth          :         Mandaue City

Civil Status                       :         Married

Spouse                             :         Sarah Lea Walker

Children                          :         Dmitri and Mikyla

Citizenship                       :         Filipino

Sex                                  :         Male

Height                             :         5’5”

Weight                            :         68 lbs

Blood Type                      :         “B”

Father’s Name                  :         Demetrio Mendoza Cortes, Sr. (+)

Mother’s Name                :         Celestina Alimpangog Cabungcal (+)

Contact Nos.          :         Res. 345-8527; Ofc. 345-2799

                                                          Cell No. 09188566272

Person to Notify

In case of Emergency         :         Sarah W. Cortes

                                                          345-8527; 09227933099



Elementary                       :         St. Joseph’s Academy (1972-78)

                                                          Mandaue City

Secondary                        :         St. Louis School (1978-82)

Tertiary                           :         Visayas State College of Agriculture

                                                          (VISCA) Leyte (1983-87)

Degree                            :         Bachelor of Animal Science

                                                          Major in Animal Production 


Employer/Firm                                               Position                  Period

Mandaue City Government                        City Mayor             July 2007-Present

CORTWALK GEN. MDSE.                              Proprietor              2005-Present

Mandaue City Government                       City Councilor        2000-June 2007

Dmitri Gen. Services                                       Proprietor              1995-1999 



Organization/Committee/Association      Position                  Period

Local Health Board                                             Chairman               July 2007-Present

Local School Board                                             Chairman               July 2007-Present

City Public Market Authority                         Chairman               July 2007-Present

Program on Awards and Incentives for

Service Excellence                                               Chairman               July 2007-Present

Performance Evaluation Review Committee     Chairman               July 2007-Present

Price Monitoring Coordinating Council               Chairman               July 2007-Present

Personnel Selection and Promotions Board       Chairman               July 2007-Present

City Peace and Order Council                                   Chairman               July 2007-Present

City Council for the Welfare of Children              Chairman               July 2007-Present

Mandaue City Sports Development

Commission                                                                    Chairman               July 2007-Present

City Disaster Coordinating Council                      Chairman               July 2007-Present

Mandaue City Tourism and Historical

Council                                                                            Chairman               July 2007-Present

Mandaue City Heritage, Arts and

Culture Council                                                            Chairman               July 2007-Present

City Council for the Welfare of the Family        Chairman               July 2007-Present

Mandaue City Council for the

Senior Citizens                                                              Chairman               July 2007-Present

Mandaue City Council for the Welfare of the

Differently-Abled Persons                                      Chairman               July 2007-Present

Mandaue City Board on Socialized

Housing                                                                          Chairman               July 2007-Present

City Nutrition Committee                                      Chairman               July 2007-Present

Gender and Development Committe                Chairman               July 2007-Present

Early Childhood Care and Development

Coordinating Committee                                      Chairman               July 2007-Present

Barangay Boundary Delineation

Survey Committee                                                  Chairman               July 2007-Present

Clup Review and Reformation

Management Committee                                     Chairman               July 2007-Present

Millennium Development Goal

Localization Committee                                      Chairman               July 2007-Present

Community-Based Monitoring System

Project And Management Committee          Chairman               July 2007-Present

Local Governance Performance

ManagementSystem Committee                    Chairman               July 2007-Present

City Zoning Development Board                    Chairman               July 2007-Present

Solid Waste Management Boar                        Chairman               July 2007-Present

Butuanon River Management Board            Chairman               July 2007-Present

Mandaue City Mining Regulatory Board     Chairman               July 2007-Present

Drug Dependency and Substance

Abuse Prevention                                                  Chairman               July 2007-Present

City Economic Enterprises Advisory Council      Chairman               July 2007-Present

Small and Medium Enterprise Dev’t Council         Chairman               July 2007-Present

City Development Council                                            Chairman               July 2007-Present

CDC Executive Committee                                            Chairman               July 2007-Present

City Parks and Urban Greening Dev’t.

Program Management Council                                   Chairman               July 2007-Present

Mandaue Table Tennis Club                                        Adviser                   2005-Present

Mandaue City Motorcycle Club                                Adviser                   2006-Present

Asso. Communication Enthusiast                            Member                 1999-Present

VISCA Alumni Association                                        Member                 1987-Present

St. Joseph Alumni Association                                 Member                 1982-Present

St. Louis Alumni Association                                    Member                 1978-Present

Previous Organizational Involvements:

Committee/Organization                                         Position                  Period

St. Louis School Alumni Association                  President                 2004-2005

Philippine Councilors’ League                               Member                 2000-June 2007

SP Committee on Agriculture                                Chairman               2004-June 2007

SP Committee on Human Rights                           Chairman               2004-June 2007     

SP Committee on Accreditation                           Vice-Chairman        2004-June 2007

SP Committee on Coop and People’s Org.       Vice-Chairman        2004-June 2007

SP Committee on Market and Abattoir            Vice-Chairman        2004-June 2007

SP Committee on Rules and Privileges             Member                 2004-June 2007

SP Committee on Labor and Employment

And Manpower Development                               Member                 2004-June 2007

SP Committee on Health

and Hospital Services                                               Member                 2004-June 2007

SP Committee on Barangay Affairs                     Member                 2004-June 2007

Execom Mandaue City Fiesta 2004                   BOD                      2004

Steering Committee Balik Mandaue 2004        Member                 2004

34th Charter Day Celebration                                Exec Chairman        2003

Execom 2nd Mantawi Festival                               Board Member       2003

Task Force for Protection of Trees                      Chairman               2002-2007

Mandaue City Ecological Center

For Excellence in Governance,                            Member                 2002-2007

Management and Advocacy Board


Humble, Soft Spoken, Generous, Loving, Committed, Trustworthy, Faithful, and Hardworking


14 Responses

  1. can count on me sir..i will support your team even if im not from mandaue!!!!

  2. whole mandawehanons will support you sir… go team mandaue

  3. its not the credential that counts its the heart that counts… jonas cortes visit this and you’ll know the reason why do we need to vote for him.

  4. believe me its for real….

  5. nahan kos credntials nya.. u gonna win 4 xur.. we will support u..!

  6. u proven urself for the past three years and i know u can do more for mandaue…salamat sa serbisyo sir!

  7. jonas jd oi… vote me nimo.. mag clash bya tanan mandaue… para mo support nemu..

  8. Jonas Cortes lng jd ang angayan mu dala sa Mandaue…

  9. jonas cortes is the best….

  10. Go mayor jonas ur the best…

    from : pesing yordan`s clan

  11. Mayor Jonas Cortez has proven that he has a sense credibility not only by being true to his words but also his personal records are screaming that his got what it takes!

  12. jonas jonas cortes lang jud kita…serbisyo dili negosyo!!!

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