In a Nutshell: Campaign Rules

Resolution 8758  implementing Republic Act 9006, otherwise known as the Fair Elections Practices Act, contains the  campaign guidelines for candidates, notably the following:

 Commencement date.  Campaign of local candidates will start on March 26

Air time.  Candidates running for local positions have 60 minutes in television and 90 minutes in radio, whether by purchase or donation, wherever located, per station.

Written or printed materials. 

  • Written or printed materials should not exceed eight and one-half inches in width and 14 inches in length
  • Posters made of cloth, paper, whether framed or posted, should not surpass two feet by three feet.

In case a campaign material is donated by any party or individual, the words “printed free of charge” must be printed on the material.

No Internet Campaign Rules!


The campaign guidelines appear to be silent on Internet campaigning, as Commission on Elections (Comelec) spokesman James Jimenez said, “As far as Internet campaigning is concerned, there are no guidelines as of yet…There’s no law on cyber campaigning.”