Team Mandaue Sweeps 2010 Elections

The votes have been cast.  The people have spoken.

The Liberal Party’s Team Mandaue swept the elections with an overwhelming victory that claimed not only the two top City government positions but 8 ouf ot 10 council seats as well.

As early as 11 p.m. on the day of the elections, Team Mandaue already extended a reconciliatory offer to the rival camp (Nagkahiusang Mandauehanon) to join hands for the sake of Mandaue.

Mayor Cortes retained his renowned humble stance during his proclamation which he celebrated with a thanksgiving mass.  Addressing his constituents, the re-elected Mayor said: ” Stand up and be counted and let us make our city, a city full of opportunities.”

As if in response to pre-election criticisms from rival Nerissa Ruiz, Mayor Cortes announced that foremost in his “things to do” as soon as he assumes office on June 30 would be to recommend to the City Council the purchase of 27 garbage trucks—one for each barangay—and to continue the asphalting of roads using the Annual Investment Plan fund of P27 million.

With 8 out of 10 councilors on his side now, Mandaue can expect a realization of this promise. The new set of councilors from Team Mandaue include:

  1. Diosdado Suico,
  2. Beethoven Andaya,
  3. Demetrio Cortes Jr.,
  4. Jefferson Ceniza,
  5. Jimmy Lumapas,
  6. Atty. Nenita Layese, 
  7.  Ben Basiga and
  8. Elston Dabon.

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Team Mandaue’s Mayor Cortes opens the first four-lane barangay road

 Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes inaugurated the P6.5 million Tabok Road widening project, the first four-lane barangay road.

      The road project which commenced from the corner of North Road has a length of 123 meters, with a width of 18 meters and 12 inches thick.

      The project which was awarded to PLD Construction during the previous administration was not immediately implemented due to the road right of way problem.

      “It took Mayor Cortes to solve the road right of way problem and paved the way for its implementation,” said City Engineer Antonio Sanchez.

      Engr. Peter Dy of PLD construction said they started the project in January this year after the city administration’s office successfully negotiated with the owners of affected properties.

      “This is a landmark project of the city and of the barangay which will definitely spur economic growth not only in the barangay but in the city,” said Mayor Cortes during a short program.

      The mayor also announced that if re-elected he will continue the project up to the Pagsabungan bridge.

      This can be implemented by phases which if completed would cost the city some P100 million including the road right of way acquisition, said Engr. Sanchez, adding the funding could be sourced from the national government.

Why Barangay Tabok is Important.

Barangay Tabok is a home to some 25 companies mostly manufacturing including the the big ones, Pacific Traders, a furniture company and URC, maker of junk foods like the Chippy, among others.

      Just when the project was completed, three companies applied for barangay permit for the construction of their building.

      Tabok Barangay Captain Dario Tariman said these companies which include two warehouse companies and a manufacturing firm are already in the construction period.

      “This is a concrete example of the positive impact of the project,” said Tariman.

      He added that another benefit of the road opening is the easing up of traffic at the corner during peak hours.

      Barangay captains of the neighboring urban barangays also attended the opening ceremony. Also attended were residents of the barangay including   members of Palmas Verdes Homeowners Association, Inc. who issued a manifest signed by some 100 members supporting the re-election bid of the mayor.

Pagsabungan inaugurates facility for recycled materials in Mandaue

Barangay Pagsabungan in Mandaue City launched the first mechanized Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

The 1,500 square meter-facility located within the Amigo property uses a conveyor connected to a shredder. It captures all shredded bio-degradable materials and pour these into 20 bins. These are then stocked for 25 days to allow decomposition take its course. The materials are then transferred to another set of bins and allowed to stay for 25 days. The result is an organic fertilizer.

“This is a part of our pro-active program on the problem of waste disposal. This is not only for ourselves for the next generation,” said Team Mandaue’s Mayor Jonas Cortes during the program for the opening of the MRF.

The mayor beat the June 5 deadline set by Ecological Solid Waste Management Act or R.A. 9003 on the closure of open dumpsite which forced the residents and barangays to segregate their waste at source.

The mayor recalled that the opposition-dominated council rejected his proposal to declare the open dumpsite in Umapad as calamity area.

They only realized the necessity during Christmas day after the methane gas in the dumpsite spawned a fire, he said.

I cannot be successful if you will not do your part,” said Mayor Cortes.

According to Pagsabungan Barangay Captain Andres Suson the conveyor which can be very effective was installed at the cost of P80,000.

Suson said he has designated 13 clean and green employees at the City Hall as eco wardens whose function is mainly to apprehend persons found to be throwing garbage indiscriminately.

Suson said the installation of the equipment at MRF area provided a major change in the attitude of the public who are trained to respond to the challenges in life.

Barangay Pagsabungan with a population of 20,000, is a home to some 20 companies which include Shemberg and and Green Coil.

Automated Elections Quick Guide


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Sri Lankan ambassador arrives to forge sister-city ties with Mandaue

 The Sri Lankan Ambassador to the Philippines has invited Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes and city officials to visit Sri Lanka as a prelude to the forging of a sister-city relationship between the Philippines and Sri Lanka, particularly with Mandaue City and Sri Lankan capital city of Colombo.

      Ambassador Nawalage Bennet Cooray who just assumed office in January this year, arrived yesterday morning in Mandaue City for a two-day visit. He immediately paid a courtesy call to Mayor Cortes and later answered questions from the media.

      “I am fascinated by the elegant infrastructure setup in tourism industry in the Philippines, specifically in Cebu Island and its human resources….I am confident that our meeting today with Hon. Jonas Cortes, Mayor of Mandaue and the respected high officials will be the first step towards culturaol collaboration with Sri Lanka,” the ambassador said.

      “I take this opportunity to invite the Hon Jonas Cortes, Mayor of Mandaue to visit Sri Lanka in near future and to have further discussions with the Sri Lankan authorities which may pave the way for signing for na MOU on sister cities program.”.

      During a welcome dinner held later at Casino Espanol,  Ambassador Cooray gave Mayor Cortes a plaque of recognition for his “community service and business development initiatives.”

      Ambassador Cooray said he has researched about Mandaue and the good performance of Mayor Cortes.

      Sri Lanka with 22 million population has a national mandate to expand its present hotel capacity from 14,000 rooms to 50,000 rooms by the end of 2012. In this view the Sri Lankan government is interested in tapping the furniture industry in Mandaue City which is known to be world class.

      The socialist democratic republic of Sri Lanka regarded as the gateway to Middle East and “Pearl of Indian Ocean” is also interested in socio-cultural exchange and tourism agreement with the Philippines as well as explore  possible business activities  to support the expansion of hotel industry in Sri Lanka.

      Mayor Cortes for his part said this is a welcome development and a perfect timing since the city is considered as the furniture capital of Cebu and the country in general.

      “We will also explore the possibility of sourcing cheaper raw materials from Sri Lanka for the manufacturing firms in Mandaue,” said Cortes as he expressed confidence this will pave the way for more trade and socio-cultural agreements with the city in the future. (MNS)

Team Mandaue’s Mayor Cortes inaugurates controversial project

Press Release
March 25, 2010

Mayor Jonas Cortes formally inaugurated yesterday the controversial R.T. Colina St. road project, Barangay Ibabao-Estancia, Mandaue City brushing aside accusation that it was delayed.

“This is where your taxes are spent and you deserved quality projects,” Cortes told city and barangay officials and barangay residents during a short program after the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The P1.2 million road project adjacent to the proposed “Bagsakan Center” project for farmers’ products consists of a two lane 87 meter-long cemented road with drainage and sidewalk.

The 8 inches-thick road was implemented by administration last January and completed in a two-month period with 28 days of curing time. By implementing the project by itself, the city has saved ten percent of the project amount representing the contractor’s profit.

The city was already implementing the project when Rep. Nerissa Soon-Ruiz took over the project through the Department of Public Works and Highways and implemented its own cementing project.

Saying under the Local Government Code all national projects should be cleared by the local government unit, Mayor Cortes himself stopped the contractor from moving its equipment.

To resolve the issue, the office of the Ombudsman for the Visayas ordered Ruiz to implement her project at the R.T. Colina Extension and upheld Cortes authority to implement the R.T. Colina St. road project.

Mayor Cortes in his speech lamented on alleged the sub-standard projects of Ruiz R.T. Colina Extension project which did not use steel bars and the P500,000 barangay hall project in Tingub which only consists of six posts.

“Ato gyud nga bantayan ug di nato pasagdan nga ang ubang politiko magyama-yama sa atong proyekto (We should be vigilant and not allow other politicians to make a mockery of our projects),” the mayor said.

The mayor in his speech reiterated that unlike others, his administration is transparent and allows himself to be criticized as long as it is constructive.

He also emphasized that in his projects he does not allow signages with his photo, adding it is the taxpayers who should be credited for the said projects. (PR)